Ergonomic tips and tricks for the home office in the kitchen: Seat balls and stools for maximum comfort

More and more people are using the kitchen as their home office area, whether due to a lack of space or a search for a varied environment. But how can you ensure that your kitchen workspace is ergonomic? Here are some tips and tricks to optimize your kitchen home office and learn why exercise balls and stools are the perfect choice.

1. Choose the right workplace:

Your kitchen table can be an excellent workstation, provided it is at the right height. Make sure you can sit comfortably without raising your shoulders or arching your back. An optimal sitting height and the right distance from the screen are crucial for your posture.

2. Ergonomic chair or sitting ball:

While a traditional office chair may be comfortable, exercise balls and stools offer a more dynamic seating option. These options allow you to change your posture regularly, reducing strain on your back and neck. Exercise balls also challenge your core muscles and promote better posture.

3. The importance of breaks and exercise:

The advantage of working in the kitchen is that you can move around a bit. Use this opportunity for short breaks and stretching exercises. Stand up, walk around a bit or do some simple exercises to stimulate circulation and relieve tension.

4. Optimal lighting:

Proper lighting is particularly important in the kitchen. Make sure you have enough natural light and supplement it with additional lighting if necessary. Glare-free light and a suitable light temperature protect your eyes and promote concentration.

5. The right work equipment:

Your laptop should be at eye level to avoid neck strain. Consider using a laptop stand or an external monitor. An external keyboard and mouse can also help create an ergonomic work environment.


The home office in the kitchen can be designed ergonomically to support your health and productivity. Sitting balls and stools offer a flexible and dynamic seating option that is particularly suitable for the kitchen. Think about the right seat height, lighting and breaks to make your work environment optimal. With these tips and tricks, you can work comfortably and efficiently in your kitchen.

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