Warranty conditions

Warranty Statement

We provide the guarantee explained below for the items we offer. The statutory claims for defects and warranty rights are unaffected by this warranty and are not restricted by our warranty. We grant the manufacturer's warranty, which is stated separately on the product pages, provided that the products are handled correctly.

What is not covered by the warranty?

Our guarantee refers to an average use of the products of up to 8 hours per working day. Improper handling or assembly or damage caused by interventions by unauthorized persons are excluded from the guarantee. The warranty is also void if products are used or stored outdoors or in damp areas, or are treated with incorrect, harsh or caustic cleaning products. Excluded from the guarantee are wear and tear on the wheels, cover and gas spring as well as wear and tear on the table tops, as these are subject to a natural aging process. Any services (payment fees, express delivery, assembly, etc.) are excluded from refund.

How is the guarantee processed?

Any settlement of a warranty case does not extend or shorten the stated warranty period. After the warranty period has expired, the consumer's warranty claim expires. The guarantee claim must be made to us informally by email or post before the end of the guarantee period and before the goods are returned - with a message and explanation/photos of the type of damage or the defect that has occurred. Transport damage must be reported immediately, but at the latest within 24 hours must be asserted in writing after receipt of the goods. In order to make a warranty claim, the consumer must send us the invoice sent to him with the goods or a copy of the invoice by email or post. It is not necessary to submit our guarantee declaration. If there is a legitimate warranty claim, we will settle the defect at our discretion in the form of: repair, replacement, sending a replacement part or financial compensation in accordance with the existing damage or loss of value. In the event of a warranty claim, the customer must deliver the defective goods to a shipping company at the address specified by the seller at their own expense within 14 days of discovering the damage. In the event of an exchange, the customer must also pay the transport costs. The settlement provided by us within the guarantee is in all cases limited to a maximum of the value of the goods. The guarantee services neither extend the guarantee period nor do they initiate a new guarantee.